Preorders- Jackals/Self Loathing split 7″

Preorders are now up for the Jackals/Self Loathing split 7″.

Full details when the release is out, but this is a pressing of 500 between 3 labels with 100 on black vinyl and the rest on clear. Records will be posted out from the second week in July but will be available before that when on Jackals short UK tour.!/pages/Self-Loathing/136612656349151



Finally got this one done! Issue 6 features interviews with Pulling Teeth, 7 Seconds, Nails, Surroundings and Closure alongside all the usual stuff like articles, reviews, recipes etc.

Most of the issues are  folded and ready to send out. Any preorders are being packed up right now and will be posted out Monday. As always it’s available for £1.50 plus postage from Also, available from the shop now is the forthcoming split between GRAZES and RIP IT UP. This will be out in a couple of weeks and will also available on their tour in February. I also got a few copies of Issue 5 reprinted, but in very limited quantities so if you want one of those don’t hang around.

It’ll also be in stock in the usual places including DRUG STORE and ALL AGES within the next few days/weeks and if you’d like to buy a few copies for your distro then get in touch at and we can arrange something.

WWHRD 6 up for order now…

As always you can get it from for £1.50 plus postage.

It’ll be printed at some point next week and will be sent out as soon as it is folded and stapled.  I’ll post more about it then.


Once again it’s time again for me to try and get you to buy the new issue of WWHRD. This issue features all the stuff you have come to love and hate, and all the stuff you are indifferent to as well.

Featuring interviews with…


It’s still available for the recession busting price of £1.50, and as well as written words, you get paper (one sheet of which is yellow) and a complimentary staple.

The ‘zine can be purchased at where i also sell some other things.

I also took copies in to DRUG STORE in Norwich, copies are on their way to HOLY ROAR, and they’ll be in a load of other places, such as ALL AGES in the near future.


After a few delays and taking a month or so longer than expected, the Jackals 7” are now here, packaged and ready to send out. Everyone that has preordered a copy will have theirs sent out in the next two days (I can’t take them all to the post office at once). Labels will all have their copies in the next day or two, so for anyone who ordered from Holy Roar or Wineblood, so they should be in your hands in the next few days and your records are with them now. There will also be copies in various distros and shops over the next few weeks, and on sale at Jackals and WWHRD shows from now on. Apologies to anyone who ordered this and is waiting for their copy.

The 7” is Jackals first recordings and the first six songs written by the band, which were recorded with dudes from Maths back at the start of the year. It is a co-release between WWHRD, the band, Power Negi, Holy Roar and Wineblood musics. Limited to 300 copies, with plenty of these already sold via preorder, the package features screened artwork on black card by Vinosangre and is pressed to clear green vinyl with grey splatter. All records come with a free download, which can be found on the inlay sheet. They are priced at £3.50 or can be bought with a t-shirt featuring the same artwork as the 7” for £10 plus postage.

Online orders can be made via or via the various other labels.

Anyone interested in reviewing this release or obtaining copies for a distro etc. can contact me via


Preorders are now up for my next release, the Self titled 7″ EP from JACKALS. This is the other band that i sing in, we play fast, heavy hardcore.

The full details are…

6 track EP, recorded early 2010.

300 coloured 7” with hand-pulled screened artwork.

Self released in conjunction with WWHRD, Power Negi, Wineblood Musics and Holy Roar.

Distros get in touch if you want to stock this.

Preorders and t-shirt packages available now from

Orders will be sent out from mid April or as soon as I get them.

I am also in the process of organising a release show for the 7th May at the Marquee, it’s almost confirmed and details will be posted soon.


As has become a trademark feature of the ‘zine in recent issues, it comes complete with a different colour front page and free staple.

This one actually took a while longer to complete than usual, but it’s done now and is the longest (and maybe best) issue so far. It’s got all the usual crap and interviews with…







It’s still £1.50 and will be in the usual places in the next week or two.

I took a load into DRUG STORE at the weekend, so Norwich people do that.

Anyone else, it’s on sale now at

Whilst you are there, pick up the tapes and shit i sell.


Issue 1- SOLD OUT
Cloak/Dagger, Henry Rollins, Deny Everything, Lonewolves, Fast Point, Paint It Black.

Issue 2- SOLD OUT
Throats, Ian Mackaye, Manuscripts, Maths, Doomriders, SSS.

Issue 3- SOLD OUT
Reagan Youth, Ceremony, Fucked Up, Cold Ones, Coke Bust.

Issue 4- SOLD OUT
Rise and Fall, Burning Love, Hammers, Sex/Vid, Baptists, Victims.

Issue 5
Magrudergrind, Punch, Black Mass, Never Again, Lightbringer.

Issue 6
Nails, Pulling Teeth, Closure, 7 Seconds, Surroundings.

Issues in stock are available at


001- Dorian Gay- Dog City EP

002- Baptists- Demo SOLD OUT

003- Jackals- S/T 7"

004- Rip It Up/Grazes- Tour Tape

005- Curb Crawl- Tape

006- Jackals/ Self Loathing Split 7"

Available from



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